Wednesday, September 17, 2014

OBS Deployed

 September 17, 2014

We are moving right along with our OBS deployments. We have finished deploying along line 3 and line 2. The R/V Langseth is now on its way to start shooting line 2. Next we are heading back for the recovery of line 2 before starting to deploy at line 4. The seas have been fairly calm, making for easy deployments and smooth sailing!

Mark assembling the data logger (photo credit: Kate Volk)
Mark and Gary assembling the OBS (photo credit: Kate Volk)
Dylan taking down numbers on the OBS (photo credit: Kate Volk)

Kate with assembled Scripps OBS (Photo credit: Dylan Meyer)
Mark, Gary, and Kate hooking up the Scripps OBS for deployment (Photo credit: Dylan Meyer)

Kate holding the tag line (photo credit: Dylan Meyer)
Scripps OBS being deployed (Photo credit: Dylan Meyer)

Rainbow! (Photo credit: Kate Volk)
See you later, 

Kate Volk aboard the R/V Endeavor 

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