Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Langseth heads to sea

This morning, the R/V Langseth left port in Norfolk, passing saluting gantry cranes, container ships, and naval vessels on her way out to open waters.    The sun is shining and the seas are calm – perfect weather for adjusting to life at sea and getting our collective sea legs.  
The R/V Langseth tied up at Lambert Point port in Norfolk
We will steam for ~24 hours to the eastern edge of our study area, where we will deploy our sound source and an 8-km-long streamer filled with pressure sensors. Over the next 35 days, we hope to use this seismic equipment to image everything from the base of the crust and deep magmatic intrusions related to the breakup of Pangea and opening of the Atlantic ocean to recent, large landslides along the east coast.   We will report often!
Passing container ship...
Cranes waving to us...
Air craft carriers in Norfolk
Matt Hornbach and Derek Sawyer rocking lifejackets at the first Fire and Emergency Drill
The science party of MGL1408
Donna Shillington aboard the R/V Marcus Langseth

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