Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dinner Time

September 23, 2014

Good eats! We couldn’t do this cruise without our great Chief steward Mike. Mike keeps the morale up on the ship by preparing three fabulous meals a day, plus providing ample snacks and baked goods. I’ve especially enjoyed the coffee cake, macaroni and cheese and tomato soup, oh and pretty much every dessert he’s made. Mike is especially awesome at accommodating everyone on the ship and providing tons of variety for us. He includes meat dishes as well as vegetarian, whole wheat, and vegan options, all of them yummy!

The galley, Mike is preparing for dinner (Photo credit: Kate Volk)

Mike making dinner (Photo credit: Kate Volk)
Mike in the Galley (Photo credit: Kate Volk)

Dessert (Photo credit: Kate Volk)
Kate, Gary, Kurt, and Dylan enjoying a meal (Photo credit: Kate Volk)

See you later, 

Kate Volk aboard the R/V Endeavor

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