Sunday, September 14, 2014


September 14, 2014

Science! At about 20:30 Eastern Time on September 13 we reached our first survey site off the coast of Virginia. While we’re excited to start deploying ocean bottom seismometers, we know that there might be some coral in the area. We don’t want to disturb any wildlife and therefore want to avoid placing an ocean bottom seismometer on any coral. We used 3.5 KHz sound waves to penetrate the subsurface and see what the seafloor looked like in order to find a safe place for the OBS. We surveyed the desired area of deployment and 500 meters in any direction from that location. Overall we surveyed 3 separate locations finishing up about three in morning. 

The science party discussing the recording of the survey. (Photo Credit: Gary Linkevich)

Kate watching the response from the 3.5 KHz chirp. (Photo Credit: Gary Linkevich)
Gary, Brandon and Harm looking at the record from the 3.5 KHz chirp survey

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